Equus ferus caballus

Tushetian horse is one of the main inhabitants of Sanavardo. It connects the nature with humans, who he befriended a long time ago, and, yet, never lost touch with the nature itself. Once the Alazani Valley breeze tousles the horse’s mane, it instantly turns into a wild, magical steed that does not seize to prance to the sound of the wind.

Gallus gallus domesticus

The spurred rooster has been on a thousand adventures, taking part in religious rituals and races of all kinds. It greets the dawn, flame-colored as its comb, and lets us know that the new day has come. The sun rises with a cock-a-doodle-doo.

Meleagris gallopavo

Chatty and chirpy turkey is a curious creature with its unusual looks. This hay-colored chatterbox tells stories from faraway lands, where it came from to the Caucasus once. Have you heard its voice? As if a dozen cheerful men share amusing tales with each other.

Bubalus bubalis

If you catch a glimpse of a heavy, horned ungulate toddling the green slopes of Sanavardo, do not think it is a bison from adventure books. This is a Georgian buffalo - earnest, composed, loyal, mighty and with a character – the one who carried the weight of the Silk Road on its shoulders.

Ovis aries

As long as the sheep spread over these grassy slopes, the land will always be full of life. Tushetian sheep – an inseparable element of the everyday, of fairytales and epics, of feasts and woes.

Capra caucasica

The most dignified creature – proud, belligerent, direct, free; looking like a dot when climbing the steep cliffs far, far away. This is the Caucasian tur – a sacred animal, a ruler of heights.

Tetrao mlokosiewiczi

If you ever find yourself on an alpine meadow in the Caucasus mountains, the sweet scent of berries is bound to lead you to a local grouse. Thanks to its velvety black feathers, chunky red brows and a lyre-shaped tail, you will spot the grouse, always busy looking for fresh sprouts, harmful worms and ripe blackberries, virtually anywhere. And if you hear a snore, don’t be surprised—he must be annoyed by a rival, as he attempts to woo his sweetheart.

Phasianus colchicus

Have you ever feasted your eyes on the blush of dawn over Alazani—gold rush to the blue skies, flush of reds, rosy lights? Drop-shipped once in western lands from Phasis, the pheasant, phāsiānos (Greek for “bird of Phasis”), tells the story of Georgia through its feathers wherever it goes. Though certainly not the world’s most skilled bird of flight, it feels at home both in high mountains of Abruzzo—native land of the famous Montepulciano grape, and Kakhetian groves, dense forests and reed beds along the river.

Cervus elaphus linnaeus

მასზე მშვენიერი ამ მიდამოში ცოტა ვინმე თუ სახლობს. როდესაც დატოტვილი რქებით, მაღალი კისრით და წარმოუდგენლად ლამაზი თვალებით დამშვენებული კეთილშობილი ირემი გამოჩნდება, აქაურობის ყველა ბინადარი აღტაცებული შეჰყურებს. რქებზე ზოგჯერ ტყის ხვიარა ან ხმელი ფოთლები აქვს ჩამოკიდებული. ლამაზია, მფრთხალი და დიდებული.