Our Wine Label: Inspired by Kakhetian Fauna (სათარგმნი)

Nature is the fundamental element of what we do. Wrapped in majestic Caucasus mountains and conveniently located on the intersection of Alazani, Lopota and Didkhevi rivers, Sanavardo is home to some of the most amazing creatures.

Even though animals and birds are often featured on a variety of wine labels overseas, Georgians are fairly conservative in this sense. We decided not to shy away from an opportunity to showcase Georgian wildlife – a variety of creatures that we find fascinating, including those on the verge of extinction – and used our wine label as a powerful medium.

What is particularly significant is the fact that a portion of profit from every single bottle sold will be donated to the Lagodekhi and Vashlovani National Reserves – home to fantastic wild goats (Capra aegagrus), the famous Caucasian grouse (Lyrurus mlokosiewiczi), featured on our Kindzmarauli label, and many more creatures currently on the verge of extinction.

Each label comes with a Latin name of the animal/bird featured and a brief story. Refer to the Label page on our website for label visuals, each featuring a unique element in nature that each creature feels comfortable in (e.g. the cliff for the Caucasian tur etc.).